What is SystemX?

Developed in America, SystemX Element 119 coatings are durable, long lasting, high quality coatings designed for use in automotive, marine and aeronautical applications. Our products are approved by both the US military and Boeing group for use on vehicles in extreme climates. Our coatings offer a super hydrophobic, chemical, abrasion and UV resistant barrier to any surfaces they are applied on.

What is the hydrophobic effect?

Just as the Lotus leaf repels water by turning surface water into spherical droplets, allowing them to bead off the surface, SystemX Coatings also have a hydrophobic feature. This creates a “self-cleaning effect” meaning water will bead up and roll off the surface, taking dirt and grime with with it.

The hydrophobic effect seen with the use of SystemX Coatings is longer lasting and boasts a greater degree of efficacy when compared to traditional wax, quick detailers or sealants.

Do SystemX Coatings protect against graffiti and key damage?

SystemX Coatings help to repel any form of chemical graffiti by preventing it from bonding to the vehicles surfaces. Unfortunately, due to the highly abrasive cutting nature of a key, a ceramic coating will fail to protect the paintwork from this type of damage. Should you wish from full protection from key damage and stone chips, UPPF Paint protection films are recommended as these durable films prevent sharp objects getting to your delicate paintwork.

Do SystemX Coatings protect against UV Damage?

SystemX Coatings form a UV Resistant barrier on any surface they are applied to while simultaneously enriching any faded, greyed out plastic surfaces back to their factory, rich, semi-glossy deep black finish.

The UV resistance built into SystemX Coatings also prevents future greying of the plastic surfaces, and introduces the same hydrophobic effect, helping to repel dirt from becoming engrained into plastic body parts.

What is Paint Protection Film?

Paint protection film is a thin layer of super durable film that is applied to your vehicles paintwork and acts as a shield to all external contaminants. UPPF (Ultra paint protection film) is an industry leading, super durable, super hydrophobic paint protection film that is resistant to UV yellowing, will protect your paintwork from stone chips and road rash and wash marring.

Paint protection film can also serve to hide some imperfections in paintwork, such as swirls and pre-existing scratches.